After finding Tenants through our stringent screening process, we manage the properties for the owners and do monthly rent collection. We also attend to Property emergency needs that require immediate attention and our Property Managers are available 24/7 to assist tenants handle emergency situations.

We conduct timely inspections on regular basis and our team will provide reports of and status of the property to the owners. As part of the inspection, our property managers visit the property and thoroughly inspects inside and outside of the property and send digital images and report to the owners using our web portal. We also offer legal representations on eviction of non-compliant tenants. Our services are affordable, and we have a well-defined and accurate accounting system and rent collection mechanism.

Timely Rent Collection:
Trinity Texas Property Management team has a systematic process to collect the rent from the tenants. Our tenants are offered a variety of ways to pay the rent.
Eviction of Non-Compliant Tenants:
In the event of breach of contract, our expert team issue necessary eviction notifications and take necessary action to ensure that the erring tenant vacates the property.
Timely Inspection and Evaluation:
Our team conducts professional evaluations of the property inside-out at regular intervals to ensure the tenants are complying with the terms of their lease; this will make the property to always be in good condition.
Cost Effective and Reliable Maintenance:
Trinity Texas Property Management, Inc. is responsible for managing all routine and emergency work orders. Our approved and dedicated contracting team helps us to provide cost effective estimates and also complete the work within the stipulated time frame.
In-House Attorney Services:
We have a successful In-house Attorney counsel who truly knows all aspects of Property Management.
24/7 available for Property Emergencies:
Trinity Texas Property Managers are available 24/7 to handle all your tenant’s property emergencies.

Managing Tenant Complaints and Evictions

We listen to tenant complaints and creatively sort them on our own without necessary involving the property owner except the situation warrants his/her intervention. Our team are fully on ground to listen to complaints raised by tenants 24/7.

In cases of eviction we are experienced to handle common and rare eviction cases as the situation may arise. Eviction may become inevitable if the following scenarios occur;

  • Regular delay in payment or failure to pay rent as at when due
  • Damage to property
  • Use of property for unauthorized or illegal activity
  • Violation of lease agreement.

We ensure that the eviction process follow all legal protocol without infringing on the right of the tenant. No matter the situation or scenario that may arise we have got you covered as you can entrust the total management of your property into the capable hands of our team of professionals.